The latest keynote event from apple on 7th September 2016 at San Francisco, unveiled the iPhone 7 , among the two accessories, the Airpods and the apple watch series 2.


With the news spreading you would already be wondering, so what is the difference? And some of you loyal apple fans will be like “I should get that!”. Whereas some of you who already have an iPhone would wonder, whether you should get it or not. Well worry not at the end of this post you will have a clear understanding whether you should buy the new iPhone 7 or not, let us take a look at what it has to offer you and the features you gain along with it.



Water Resistant

apple-iphone-7-twitter-leak-nuti-mobi_The new apple iPhone 7 claims to be IP67 water and dust resistant, meaning it can withstand under 1 meter depth of water for 30 minutes, now the interesting thing you need to notice is that these tests were conducted in a controlled laboratory environment and being water resistant do not mean that the device is waterproof. Even apple has recommended the users to avoid charging or usage of the device when or under wet conditions. So if you think about using your phone during a shower or taking pictures underwater, note that you will likely be able to do those things but on a repeated usage under such conditions, will eventually lead to wear and end up in making your device not function properly or in worse cases permanent damage. It is best to understand that water resistance helps to protect your device when an unexpected turn of events happen. As said by Apple, they do not provide warranty for the damages incurred to the devices due to water resistance as a factor.But seeing how the other versions of apple are not water or dust resistant, it certainly becomes a good selling factor when it comes to value for money.

Dual-lens Camera


Speaking strictly about phones in general, you would love to click those special moments which would serve as a long lasting memory to be cherished. The iPhone 7 plus comes with a dual lens camera one ranging up to 28mm and the other up to 56mm. Now dual lens, in general is often misunderstood to have a great quality in terms of photos and videos, the dual lens need not necessarily mean guaranteed results of better media to that of the single lens devices. And also video recording in low intensity of brightness has been a repeated problem for the iPhones and going dual lens does not necessarily mean that problem has been solved. But the previous iPhone models mostly lacked in a good camera quality and if not for the low light video recording, it is safe to say that the dual lens would improve in capturing images.



It would be so frustrating for you when you are in the middle of a call or a texting session while laying on your couch and suddenly the battery drops making you sprint to get your charger, well the good news about the iPhone 7 is that it is built better and has a longer battery life than its predecessor the iPhone 6S.



One of the notable features that come along with the iPhone 7 is that it does not have a headphone jack. You might stop abruptly and wonder, “how is that a feature?” , whether you believe it or not , I was asking the same question and so it appears the answer had been right  in front of your eyes all along. If you have guessed it, that is indeed the Airpod. Along with the iPhone 7, you get a jack adapter to which you can connect your favourite headphones and the Lightning Earpod which is an USB port headphone provided by apple to be said in simple terms. The hidden marketing strategy which apple has put to motion is the Airpod. Priced at 159$ the Airpods are wireless earphones which come along with a charging case and lets you attend and make calls by a simple tap to the ear pieces. This was something apple had released earlier to this event in the month of October but official launch took place along with the launch of iPhone 7, ultimately it connects with your other apple devices as well so if you are a die hard apple fan who is allergic to all the troubles caused by the tangled wire then it is one of the go to get accessories you would need.

The Verdict

So now that we have seen the key features that the iPhone 7 , it is time to draw a conclusion to whether you should go for it or not. Well the answer to that can be quite tricky as a matter of fact you can safely say, providing such an answer is not so easy. If you are already an iPhone user and looking for an upgrade or a die hard apple fan who wants this in your new toy collection then yes it is a definitive recommend given the positive features it brings along to support the buy now factor. But if you are either going to get your very first smart phone or already have one and thinking of switching over, I would say starting at a price of 649$ you may want to think over if this is the phone you are looking for, unless you want to join the apple craze race and become one of the trendy lots , then yes you should go for it.

Source : Apple NewsRoom