apple-watch2-3up-waterWith the launch of iPhone 7, Apple landed the next big launch of the Watch Series 2. The new and improved watch series 2 is designed for all those fitness lovers who engage in extreme sports action while keeping track of their vital health signs and staying alert in regard to location and positioning. Nike and Hermes have partnered with Apple Watch series 2 and have released their edition named Nike+ which starts at $369 US and Hermes which starts at $1,299 US.



The new Watch Series 2, made from ceramic which is stronger than stainless steel, is built to withstand the heavy impacts and stresses exerted on it while you are engaging in some serious calorie burning exercises. It is also made swimmer friendly with having water resistance up to 50 meters and while keeping track of your lap timing and calorie burnt, the new Apple OS 3 installed also gives you the details of which strokes were used and at which timing , giving you an insight of your exercise and fitness regime.




You would be delighted to also know that the new Series 2 has built in GPS and the improved OS 3 along with the ability to use free wi-fi gives you an advantage of not needing your mobile phone or any other GPS devices to keep track of your location and to decide or fix routes for your exercise routes. That set-aside, the brownie points goes to never getting lost or being clueless if you are in a new location without having the need to access any other GPS device and just turning your wrist away for getting directions to reach your destination.



Lastly, the upgraded gadget from Apple comes with a workout app and an improved display with a  brighter screen lighting. It also has in built health monitoring apps such as the heart rate monitor and gives you access to your mobile device even when you are not around it, providing you the chance to attend phone calls and check out any important messages or emails while you are engaged in your activity.


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