The latest apple event on September 7th saw the launch of the new apple iPhone 7 among the other accessories and news. The speculations and rumors about the iPhone 7 were already circulating in the internet before the official launch. As suspected most of the features were what was rumored and as you read you know everything that is new and different about the new iPhone 7.


The look, size and feel of the new iPhone 7 is almost similar to that of the iPhone 6. Although there are few tweaks and improvements made. Starting off with the feel of the phone, the antennae has been remodeled to give the phone a sleek and smooth finish when you hold it. Apart from the same colours available with the previous iPhone the only change made was that space grey was removed for the iPhone 7. Replacing the space grey was the Jet black, with a glossy piano finish which is prone to fingerprints and micro scratches unless you use a phone case.


The home button in the iPhone 7 is similar to the touchpad present in the mac book. It is a glass button with pressure sensitivity which is different from the previous models. Although the feel and ergonomics is entirely new, it may take some time getting used to it unless you are a completely new iPhone user.

 3.Water Resistant

Although the previous model of the iPhone was averagely resistant to water, it was not made official. The new iPhone 7 boasts itself to be water and dust resist and have officially come out with the protection rating of IP67.


Both the  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have a 12 megapixel camera that comes with optical image stabilization.The new image processing chip and the quad LED flash makes the quality of the images enhanced along with the ease of use.If you are a selfie lover, then the upgraded front 7 megapixel camera would definitely be tempting for you. The real upgrade although would be in the iPhone 7 plus where you will see the new dual lens camera feature. The dual lens helps you with focusing nearby and distant object with ease and brings a sharper image optimisation.



The colour display in the new iPhone 7 is 25 times more brighter than the previous version. You will notice colours popping out more distinctively with the display upgrade.


New stereo speakers are introduced at the bottom of the phone. Interestingly you will find another stereo speaker at the top as well. How this functionality works is still a puzzle, guess you have to wait till September 16th to find out about it.


The rumors were true, the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack and instead comes with the branded Lightning earpods that connect to the phone, sort of like an USB headphone. Along with the phone you also get the adapter which serves as a link to connect your headphone with the iPhone 7.


Airpods are basically wireless headphones which was introduced not just for the iPhone 7. The air pods are compatible with your other apple devices as well. They come in with a rechargable case, where you could store your airpods and charge them for use. The devices recognise the airpods and notify you to whether connect or not. The Airpods  come in with the tap feature through which you can attend calls and talk to siri on the go.

 9.Apple Pay

Rather a minor feature but the  iPhone 7 comes in with the option of being able to use apple pay in Japan.


The new A10 fusion chip certainly gives you a better experience with the device. The quadcore chip not only enhances the CPU but also the GPU performance which is a key feature for avid gamers. Enhanced chip also turns out to be much efficient cutting back the load on battery saving you couple of extra hours on the go while gaming. The iPhone 7 starts with 32GB storage which is a happy news for most of you by removing the 16GB version.

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