September 7th, 2016, live from Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco the Apple keynote was held where the official launch of the iPhone 7 took place.


The live stream of it showed the CEO of Apple Tim Cook , Will Pharrell and James Corden drive to the auditorium where, the iPhone 7 was launched, starting at $649 US encasing the new and updated features which its predecessors lacked like the water resistance and dual camera going along with the retina HD display, along with the news of introducing apple pay in Japan.





The upgrade or the down grade or rather clever marketing strategy by apple you could say is the removal of the headphone jack to promote apples very own lightning earphones and the air pod at $159 US. Ofcourse, adaptors are available at $9 US if you choose to not let go of your old headsets.





The brief explanation on the iPhone 7 and the air pod was followed by the watch series 2, starting at $369 which lauds itself for being stronger than steel for having a ceramic body finish and brighter display than series 1, also was announced that Nike and Hermes would be partnering along with Apple for the Watch series 2.

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Source : Apple NewsRoom