40 flat icon pack for free download by Paul Flavius.

40 flat icon pack
40 flat icon pack


Paul Flavius Nechita has designed and shared 40 best icons which are also part of the project he completed with squid ink. The entire pack of squid ink icons consists of 2000 icons, handcrafted, consistent, pixel perfect and furthermore ready to use. The icons have been built to match the current design trends and therefore help expand projects.

These perfectly beautiful icons create a unique design experience for the users and are also absolutely free to download. The promising flat icon pack by Squid ink is one of the biggest icon packs. Here each element is designed with vector shapes, with ease and ability to redesign every element. Some of the features of the icon pack is discussed below.

Features of the 40 flat icon pack,

Pixel Perfect Design

Your first most noticeable feature is how well the icons are focused on consistency. The icons are especially designed for a clean and fresh look. The design has been crafted paying attention to the minute details to challenge even the most trained eye.

Vector Elements

You will notice each element is designed with vector shapes. This gives a user friendly experience to the user. Since every element is designed with vector shapes, it becomes easy for the user to resize the elements.

Easy to customize

Finally, in addition to the perfect pixel design because of the vector elements involved, the icons therefore are easy to customize. In addition to being able to change colors you will furthermore be able to change layer styles. The vector elements consequently help to move, re-size every element and layer in no time.

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Source : Dribbble